My brother and I immigrated to Canada 12 years ago. Together we entered the spray foam and fireproofing industry traveling across Alberta, discovering the prairies through the windscreen of a three ton truck. What an opportunity! For two young guns the work was unbeatable; each job was different, physical, and, at times, challenging.

We approached each project like a puzzle, listening to our customers concerns and providing solutions. Meeting and engaging with our customers quickly became the best part of our job. We valued these relationships, building trust on our core values of honesty, integrity and respect.

We realized that our service driven, customer first approach was unique and decided to establish Aztec Spray Systems. Most often our finished product is unseen, tucked behind drywall or hidden in the rafters. Nevertheless we take pride in the quality of our work, which for us, first and foremost, includes your experience. You may not see our insulation, but you will feel the difference it makes.

Since we were children we had always dreamed of starting our own business, Aztec Spray Systems is that dream made reality. Our company and with it our customers are a part of our family.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and to discuss how we could improve the comfort of your home or the efficiency of your business.